Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Things to do when you're sick?

My daughters have always told me I was weird. I think I proved them right this weekend. Sick with the weirdest and most ferocious cold I've had in years--no sniffles, but sinusy headache and a dry, wracking cough--did I curl up with the dog under a blanket for a nap, only emerging for occasional doses of hot tea?

No, of course I didn't. Instead, I indulged a sudden whim of unknown origin and decided to reformat Viral Learning for Amazon's Kindle. Unlike the Lulu ebook version, which looks *exactly* like the print version, the Kindle version isn't as static, since readers can alter the text size and even the device they read it on. (I don't have a Kindle myself, but I do have the iPhone app.) This means that I had to remove all the formatting and layout that was specific to the original page size. While I was at it, I changed to a slightly more ubiquitous font. Interesting how many of the minor annoyances of Kindle books appear to be inherent in the process--it seems I shouldn't blame the publishers quite so much as I had been (though I suspect a tad more HTML effort on our parts might minimize some of those flaws).

So now two of my three books are available on Kindle. Perhaps someday, Three Rivers/Crown/Random House/Bertelsmann (I can't resist--it's such a different entity from my original independent publisher, Prima) will make The Unschooling Handbook available for Kindle, too.

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