Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Eek! They're Creeping Out From Under the Woodwork Now!

It was inevitable, I suppose.

You get a nasty little surprise like In re Rachel and the opportunists start making themselves opportunities.

First come the credentialed teachers, offering to protect poor defenseless homeschoolers from any legal ambiguities Rachel might cause—for only $100 a month. (That would've been pretty much our whole book budget when we were still homeschooling. I'd stick with the books.)

And now come the outright scammers—somebody's apparently impersonating the Pacific Justice Institute (PJI says it's not them) with high-pressure calls asking for credit card donations to fight the new "illegality" of homeschooling in California.

All the more reason for the first rule I always talk about in my "Absolute Beginners' Guide to Homeschooling" workshops: Know your state's laws. If you keep yourself informed, you're less vulnerable to the opportunists and outright crooks.

(And HSC's still a very good source for the latest information.)

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