Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More Odds & Ends (a new website!)

Just a couple of short notes:

I"ve got a new website now at www.marygriffith.net (my old site--at .com--has got a pointer to the new one). It's prettier and much easier to update and lets me tie all my stuff together. I've got plans for more . . .

Also, at the HomeSchool Association of California conference I spoke at a couple of weeks ago, I was on an unschooling panel with, among others, Sandra Dodd, who runs the Radical Unschooling site (and has a book called Moving a Puddle). At the end of the panel's two hours, we still had a stack of written questions from the audience that we hadn't got to, so Sandra took them home with her and created a webpage to continue the discussion online. If you're interested in seeing how Sandra, Pam Tellew (an unschooling mom), Rebecca Auerbach (a 28-year-old who was unschooled), and I answered those dozen or so leftover questions, go take a look.

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