Monday, May 22, 2006

Had I But Known . . .

Years ago, before I wrote my first homeschooling book, I used to edit California HomeSchooler. One of the regular features I wrote was a column for new homeschoolers.

For one issue, I asked several homeschooling parents I knew what they wished they'd known when they were first starting out, and the answers I got were nearly unanimous:

Relax. Don't worry so much.

And now, with half a dozen completed questionnaires returned already, it looks like things haven't changed much. What do homeschooling parents most regret? That they worried so much. That they didn't relax and enjoy life and their kids more.

I wonder whether anyone will regret having been too relaxed. Or perhaps that's like the old cliche about dying: Nobody ever wishes they'd spent more time at the office.

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