Friday, May 19, 2006

Freaky Thinking

In college I hated economics. I could never wrap my brain around that whole concept of "economic man," that bizarre entity whose perfection consists in making decisions based solely on economic self-interest. No real human acts that way (with the possible exception of the current administration in Washington, but that's a whole different argument), so economic theory always seemed pretty abstract and (dare I say it?) meaningless to me.

Once free of intro econ, though, I found more intersting economists to read--people like John Kenneth Galbraith, and more recently, Robert Reich and Paul Krugman. And I've become a fan of Freakonomics.

The monthly Freakonomics column for May is a perfect example of the sort of economics I love—and it's even completely relevant to homeschooling. How can you go wrong talking about how the way to get good at things is to do them? Take a look—it's a good little read.

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