Monday, May 08, 2006

. . . And Strange Blog Mysteries

I've been clicking on the "Next Blog" button today, just to take a look at other blogs and what other people do with theirs, and I've discovered a couple of puzzles.

Why do so many men choose black backgrounds with tiny, colored text? Are they trying to scare people off? Is it some sort of territorial imperative, to keep your space private?

Why are so many people so confused about commas and apostrophes? Are the distinctions between plurals and possessives really all that tricky? Are we doomed to comma splices becoming standard English?

Obviously, despite the fact that I've not done any major writing projects for the past couple of years, I'm still obsessed with making things as easy as I can for the reader. I know I sometimes drive my daughters and husband nuts with my incorrigibly editorial eye, but I want readers to focus on the ideas and not get bounced out of context or distracted by some silly avoidable glitch in usage or grammar.

I suppose that's one of the qualities that makes me a writer—I like communicating clearly. I don't always manage it, but I can't help trying.

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