Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ah, the Power of Blogs

OK, the last time I created a blog, it drew no response whatsoever.

Creating this one, I was in full "getting things set up" mode—I figured I would set it up, and make some appropriate changes to my Authors Guild website, and finish the book questionnaire, and eventually start emailing and posting around the homeschooling community online to recruit some respondents for the questionnaire. And after a while, I'd get some action here.

This blog, though, had the right title or keywords or maybe it's just the right time for this book. Within hours of creation, there were comments. And there've been emails. And my list of people to send the questionnaire to is growing apace.

So today I'm resolving to work on the questionnaire so I can send it out sometime this week. After all, the sooner it's out, the sooner the responses will come in, and the sooner the book happens. (And finishing it this week means I won't have to feel guilty about it when I'm watching Christie fence in Las Vegas next weekend.)

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